Monday, April 30, 2012

365 Days: Big...Bigger...BOOM!

For this gas-tastic experiment you need: baking soda, white vinegar, warm water, ziplock bags, paper towel, stapler. We added purple food coloring to make it pretty!

There are exact measurements in Crazy Concoctions, which I just reviewed. I already turned in the book, so we tried it by memory this morning. I forgot to add warm water, but it still worked. We'll try exact measurements sometime to see the difference.

The first time we tried this, it didn't work because the paper towel was too thick and preventing a major reaction. I solved the problem by using 1/4 sheet of paper towel and stapling it.

To do the experiment, you put the vinegar and warm water in the ziplock and seal it. Then, put baking soda in the paper towel and staple it. Take it outside because it will make a mess. I held the paper towel pack out of the vinegar and water as I sealed the bag. Shake it up and set it down. Stand back, because it will pop.

Where was Bobo for all of this? Safe on the porch. He was wary of an explosion. Then, he got out the hose and we played in the water since it was actually warm today.

For the Kids Friday


  1. Oh wow, that is awesome! Anything that goes boom is the best! We will be trying this for sure.

    1. Great! Bobo's not a fan of loud noise, but he LOVES destruction.

  2. I bet he wasn't scared after it happened. He probably loved it! My kids would. Thanks for sharing at the Kids Co-Op!

    1. The kids co-op is great. I hope your kids have fun with it.


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