Saturday, June 9, 2012

Aladdin Musical

Aladdin: The Musical
Bobo and I attended a matinee performance of Aladdin the musical on Friday. He was enthralled the entire time, asking questions and very engaged. I wish I could have taken some pictures of his expressions throughout the performance.

Genie received a Bobo original
His favorite part of the event was meeting the actors at the end. He said, "I talked to the REAL Aladdin, but a different genie." He knew the genie was different because "he" wasn't blue and couldn't fly (Bobo never realized the genie was played by a girl). Bobo asked the genie why he couldn't fly. Thankfully, the genie was a good sport and said he was too tired to fly today.

Bobo's first fan mail
Bobo wanted to give each character a note. He had prepared one on the way for the genie, but decided the rest of the cast needed something as well. I translated each note, so the actors would know what he said. The little boy playing Aladdin had the biggest reaction with a bright smile for Bobo. Bobo said, "I made Aladdin so happy." 

Catch that Bobo!
I had to run to keep up with Bobo after he prepared his notes. He rushed the actors, handed them the note then bolted. Jafar didn't know what hit him. I think he must have been staying in character, method actor? Bobo was a bit scared of him.

The beautiful palace of Agrabah
The Children's Theater group held this event at a middle school. I learned about it from a family who is involved at the library. We've been to one play before this performed at our local high school, Miss Nelson is Missing. If you haven't taken your little one to a play before, you can find a local one on your community web site or through the schools. They are inexpensive and under 3 is usually free. I do suggest taking a booster seat, so they can see better. It is a wonderful experience for all ages!

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