Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Book Review: Julius: The Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes

I've noticed quite a few lovely pregnant bellies lately, so I thought I should do a review of a book for introducing a new baby into the home. Most of these types of books are so sweet and wonderous, but Henkes reveals a darker and funnier side to bringing home baby.

The book begins with Lilly acting the part of a wonderful sister. She reads and sings to her mama's belly. Unfortunately, the story changes when Julius actually comes home. Lilly discovers a new baby takes up too much attention, and he stinks!

Everyone thinks Julius is the baby of the world. Everyone, except Lilly's cousin, Garland. Garland thinks the very same things that Lilly has said throughout the book. So, you would think that Lilly would be overjoyed to have a partner in her baby brother drama club. Oh, no!

Now, Lilly is the one to hail: "Julius is the baby of the world!"

This book captures the essence of sibling rivalry perfectly. Brothers and sisters are going to have disagreements. It is inevitable. If someone on the outside of this tenuous relationship tries to start trouble, though, they will be faced with a united front: family. Henkes uses humor to bring this concept to those who are experiencing the love/not-so-much love relationship for the very first time. Jealousy and sharing are hard concepts for pre-schoolers. Read this book and let yourself laugh about it!