Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yummy, Craft!

Make a chef's hat, then decorate treats. You need a stapler, tape, tissue paper, and construction paper. You can use all white items, but colors look cute too. Cut a head band for each child. Cut 6 inch strips of tissue paper and tape to the head band. Hold band with taped side facing out, and wrap around child's head to measure and mark. Staple with the tape side facing in. Gather the tissue paper at the top and tape. Then, push the tissue paper through the band and poof out. Wear the chef's hat for the next craft.

Instead of decorating your own treats, save this step for the children at the party! Bake up some cupcakes or cookies. Then, set the table with different colors of icing (just add food coloring), sprinkles, and candy. Or you can do this with fruit for a healthier variation.

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