Friday, January 28, 2011

Teen Read: Firelight by Sophie Jordan

What is more awesome than dragons? They are basically hardcore dinosaurs with mystical powers. The whole family has been getting into dragons, lately, now that Bobo can differentiate between a dinosaur, an alligator and a dragon (they used to be all one-in-the-same). But, to answer the original question... shapeshifting dragons are cooler than dragons!

The main character of Firelight is just that...a shapeshifting dragon. She belongs to a pride of similar shapeshifters all with mystical powers. The natural enemy of a dragon is a knight, but this story sets up the human hunter as the draki's biggest fear. So what happens when a hunter saves a draki?

You get the story of Firelight. Jacinda's character is a wonderful mixture of youth, rebellion and fierce devotion. She is the prey. Will's character is protective and mysterious. He is the hunter. You may be thinking, not another predator falls in love with the prey story? But rest assured, this isn't one of those typical tales.

First, the hunter and the prey are on more even ground than the typical vampire falls in love with a human story line. Because of this, Jacinda is more afraid of the hunters than they are of her. Second, the supernatural being is NOT the predator. However, Jacinda is not easy prey. She brings some heat to the situation.

This story is anything but typical. It has everything I love: action, romance, mystery, fantasy. You are kept guessing until the very end, then left wanting more. It's the perfect start to a new series!

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