Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Book Review: Llama Llama Home with Mama by Anna Dewdney

It's a llama llama book! These are some of my favorite books to share with my son. They seem to capture preschoolers in their prime. They at least address the phases preschoolers all go through. It started with llama llama red pajama. Llama llama had a hard time falling asleep and was afraid of the dark. Then, llama llama was mad at mama. This one is my favorite, because my son's first tantrum happened at the grocery store. The face on the front could be Bobo's face! Llama llama went to school in llama llama misses mama. I can relate with leaving Bobo with his grandparents while I go to work. He stills asks if I'll be back to pick him up later. My second favorite is llama llama holiday drama. Holiday shopping is no fun for llama llama.

In llama llama home with mama, llama llama is sick. He can't go to school and has to take yucky medicine. After his nap, he starts to feel better but mama llama starts to feel bad. Sharing germs happens with every family. It is so sweet for your little one to take care of you.

As always, the illustrations are fabulous. They tell the story even more than the words. A preschooler will be able to "read" the story all on his own. The text is large print and rhyming. The rhythm is perfect. Can I have them all?

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