Friday, March 9, 2012

Flannel Friday: Colorful Caterpillar

The colorful caterpillar is made primarily of foam with hook strips on the back. The head is laminated. I inherited a wealth of flannel board materials upon embarking on my adventure as a children's librarian. Many of them have the words, but some of them do not. Since I love stories and caterpillars, I created a tale to go with this guy...

The Colorful Caterpillar by Miss Courtney

One day a caterpillar was resting in his tree. He was looking at all the beautiful flowers in the garden. He wished he had beautiful colors, too. But he was only green. He ate green leaves every day.

"How can I be many colors like the flowers?" he thought.

He had an idea. Maybe if he ate something other than green leaves, he would become different colors too.

So he crawled and creeped until he came to an orange tree. He ate a whole orange, and the next day part of his body had turned orange.

"This is great! What other foods can I eat?" he asked.

He found blueberries and turned blue. Then, he found a grapes and turned purple. Last, he found fresh strawberries and turned red.

The caterpillar was so happy. He kept eating and eating, until he was very long and very colorful. Then, he was finally as beautiful as all the flowers in the garden.

The End.

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  1. Replies
    1. I only wish I had found you sooner! FF is such a fun group.

  2. Welcome to the Flannel Friday group, Courtney. And congratulations on your first contribution.
    Cute idea!

    It kind of reminds me of an old, old book I use ~ it's about a treefrog who changes colors when he eats different-colored jellybeans. My storytime friends love the "magical" idea of color-changing. I'm sure they would love your color-changing caterpillar!

    Thanks for sharing! I look forward to seeing more.

    1. Hmmm... jelly beans, frogs. Two of my favorite things.


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