Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Books: Rainbow

Since Bobo chose his theme this month, I didn't have a set plan in mind for materials. I usually have a bible story or verse in mind when coming up with the themes. For rainbows, I thought of Noah and the Ark. The rainbow is God's promise to never cover the earth in water again.

Noah and the Ark by Kelly Pulley is great for beginning readers. I tend to like picture books better than easy readers because the illustrations are prettier. The next two books have wonderful, large illustrations: Two by Two by John Winch and Noah's Ark by Jerry Pinkney.

We also read some fun rainbow books. Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett is a magical book where a little girl finds a box with scraps of yarn and knitting needles. Somehow, the box never runs out. Bobo asked for this book over and over again. The illustrations jump off the page.

A Rainbow of My Own is always a favorite. "The rainbow is his friend," Bobo, age 3.

Elmer is a rainbow elephant. We also read Elmer and the Rainbow. These are fun to share one on one because there is so much text. The colorful illustrations still hold his interest, so I can get through the whole story. He asks lots of questions, too.


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