Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tot School: Super Hero Squad

I've been following Bobo's lead in school this year. What has it led to? Lots and lots of superheroes! We've used several preschool packs I found online, Royal Baloo's and Over the Big Moon.

Matching symbols to their hero
After independent play, while I'm making breakfast, Bobo and I make our way to his room for our version of circle time. Bobo loves using the Learning Resources pocket chart for superhero matching.

Puzzles fit too!

Super hero lair
We keep the building toys in Bobo's room. He built a super hero lair and used the paper pieces from the matching game to play. NOTE: He used the paper figures for lots of play this week as his other toys were in time out for not being put away.

Writing center- pre-writing
After we play outside, Bobo works at his writing center. This time, he helped the super hero catch the bad guy with pre-writing worksheets. We use the dry-erase center, so he can do it over and over. Plus, if it's not just right, Bobo likes to start over. I can see a huge difference with his writing skills from before summer break.

Cutting & sorting
His scissor skills are still a work in progress. Thumbs up, Bobo! He's asked for the hero and villain cut and sort sheet several times.

Bobo has colored these types of sheets before. The text is written in the color each figure should be, as directions. I'm a bit behind on the blogging from being away, so he did this activity weeks ago. Today, he looked at his work and "read" the colors. Yay, those symbols are beginning to mean something!


  1. You are doing such a wonderful job with Bobo and I am so proud of you both!! Keep up the good work.
    Dian Renard

    1. Thanks, mama! I'm so happy to share a slice of our life with you and dad as you're so far away.

  2. I love the superhero matching! My little one would love a Super Grover puzzle :) By the way, I nominated your awesome blog for a Liebster award! Here's the link:

    1. Wow, thanks Lauren. I love your blog. I'll work on those questions ASAP!


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