Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Water Table Activity

I added water to our mirror box to use some of our ocean theme figures.

Glitchy pic- It demands this odd rotation!
Setting up the temporary water table was so easy. The tote fit perfectly on Bobo's picnic bench. I put out a colander of rocks and gems, a small pitcher, a squirt bottle with blue water and a bucket. Bobo is working on cutting out the dissolving dinosaurs to put in the water. He insisted on using scissors, so he could do it himself. Those scissor skills are getting pretty good!

I took this activity outside, but it wasn't that messy. I would feel fine taking everything to the basement for the winter or colder weather. I originally wanted to leave the table outside, but Bobo loves it too much and prefers it in the living room. Surprisingly, or maybe not, it matches the decor.

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