Monday, February 11, 2013

Preschool Trays: Valentine's Day

Magnetic science tray. Bobo asked for the magnet balls and I added the pipe cleaner hearts.

Heart skewers in styrofoam. Stickers on heart-shaped box.

Heart beads and heart-shaped boxes.

I didn't get pictures of some of the invitations because Bobo was so eager to decorate. He filled a vase with heart gems and flowers. He put together the materials for this one.

I love these stamp sets they sell at the Dollar Tree. They are the perfect size with nice variety. The stamp pad was dry from this one, but we've gotten ones in the past that worked. I just used another stamp pad. Or you can use paint.

And now some non-related trays. Daddy's concert is coming up this week, so there's lots of music and practice. Bobo has his own music tray.

And a couple of trays that came in our early learning bag this month. Drawing shapes.

Thomas wooden puzzles. The puzzles we borrow in these bags are so much better than the ones I've bought at the dollar store. I'm inspired to look for high-quality puzzles, now.
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  1. I have been looking for stamps just like that! I'll have to check out the Dollar Tree.

  2. I love your pipe cleaner hearts! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I pinned your post to my Kids' Valentine's Day Activities Board at


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