Friday, April 5, 2013

Blinded by Science

The annual Spring Fling at the library this year was all about science. The decorations doubled as photo props with goggles, test tubes and lab coats. 

The cookies were delicious in the shapes of test tubes, beakers and flasks.

We explored sound waves with a hands-on dancing oobleck experiment.

Now that you've got a taste, I'll take you on a tour. After scanning their hands and coming through the quarantine curtain, the children identified these every day objects as if they were looking at them through a magnifying glass. Can you name them all?

We explored air flow by balancing ping pong balls on a current of air created by a blow dryer.

The precipitation began when the shaving cream clouds filled with blue condensation at the weather station.

Each child made their own color wheel. What does blue and yellow make?

You have to look the part while experimenting, right? So we made mad scientist goggles with crazy hair.

Gumdrop molecular models, yum. Is that a double helix I see?

Oh, water beads. Children of all ages (and lots of adults, too) are fascinated with these little spheres of water. I added an element of play by placing the translucent pipe builders with them.

I'm so happy we had lots of older children since we hold this annual event during Spring Break week. Youngest to oldest had a blast with science!

My favorite activity explored static electricity. It was probably the easiest experiment to set up. I just blew up the balloons and placed them next to a basket of wool items. The kids stuck them everywhere, all over the wall and each other. Even babies had fun with this one!

Who can build the tallest tower? I hung bulletin board paper on the wall to mark the progress of each group. The tower had to stand on its own for 30 seconds. I took this picture half-way through the program, so there were actually two towers taller than this one!

I had so much fun planning this event and I can't wait for Summer Reading Club 2014 "Fizz, Boom, Read!" Sharing with Tuesday Tots and Kids Co-op.

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  1. Courtney - thanks for sharing these great ideas, I may use them next year for our Spring Break event.


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