Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tot School: Christmas 2 and The Melting Snowman Experiment

Tot School

Month: December
Theme: Christmas
Dates: 12/11 to 12/17

Bobo's been on a photography kick lately. He isn't convinced that his Fisher-Price camera takes REAL pictures, so I've been loaning him mine. His photos give insight into his life and what he finds important. He takes lots of photos of mama and daddy as well as his environment. My favorites are the extreme close-ups of body parts and clothing.

The Lessons

We took it pretty easy this week as we were trying to get all the Christmas preperations done. He did play his V-tech everyday. He likes it best when someone sits with him while he's playing to engage him even more. This post is coming a few weeks later than the dates, so I've noticed he likes to show off his newfound skills. He'll say, "Watch this!" He's needing less help with the games but still likes the encouragement and praise.

The Activities

We did one science experiment, the melting snowman. We filled three balloons with water the night before. Then, we put them together first thing in the morning because he was so excited. I used salt to get them to stick together. Daddy thought it would take 2 hours to melt, but I thought it would take much longer. We checked it every 1/2 hour and took a picture.

After two hours, he fell over so daddy was partially right. It took about 8 hours for the dish to fill up with water and make a huge mess. I emptied everything out after that. Note to self: Use a tub next time we do a melting experiment.

While we were waiting for ice to melt, we made red corn for a project. We played in the Sensory Bin using funnels this time. Bobo also traced letters, scooped and poured.

He pushed chenille sticks into the shaker. I found this reindeer mask at Joann's for $1. It's wood, so you can decorate it with basically anything. He chose to use his magic markers.

Then, he played with the train puzzle some more.

Field Trip

We attended the Main Library's PJ Story Time. The theme this year was cocoa, so there were lots of stories about cookies and chocolate, yum. We missed Miss Karyn, who was out sick. Bobo was so disappointed, but cheered up when he had the opportunity to have a heart to heart with Santa. He also made an adorable cupcake ornament out of foam. You can never have too many homemade ornaments.

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