Friday, February 10, 2012

Tot School: Superhero Part 2

Month: January
Theme: Superheroes

I have not been taking as many photos. Instead, I've chosen to engage more in my child's play. Sometimes, I do not even take my camera. The result has been magnificent. We jump from activity to activity, and my little boy always has a smile on his loving face. I'll still be sharing our activities, but it will be from the "before" perspective. Remember, though, when following your child's lead, the invitation is only the beginning.

Tot Trays

From left to right and top to bottom: "V" is for villain magnet poms, Cut and Paste, Counting Cards, Color by Number, Patterns and Pre-writing If that seems like a lot of Pre-school activities, it is! I do not usually include so many paper activities, but Bobo asked for them.

I kept some of the trays we didn't get to the first time. Again, from left to right and top to bottom: "V" is for villain magnet poms, Batman transfer with hanger clips, Counting cards, Color by number hero, Sticker City, Pre-writing hero to car. Please see my original Superhero post to get the location of the print materials.  

Where it led?

Bobo has been fascinated with rainbows and mixing colors lately. School and tot trays often lead to colors.

He used a paint brush to finish his color by number page.

Cutting and pasting the bad guys/good guy page led to an imaginary battle frozen on paper.

The sticker sheet also led to a battle. We talked about where the words should go and matched those to the action unfolding.

If I don't mention play dough in a post, do not be fooled! Everything leads to play dough. Bobo loves to paint himself and he just discovered, he can turn different colors with the aid of play dough.

Becoming the black spiderman.

The whole superhero theme led to a ton of imaginative play and physical activity. I have been the Black Cat, Spiderman girl, Superman girl, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Mom-ra (take on villain from Thundercats) for the past month. We didn't have a field trip for this theme, but we had a blast staying home.

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