Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mostly Egg Trays

Leap Frog Human Body glow-in-the-dark skeleton stickers. Bobo is interested in bones. They can be dinosaur bones, fossils and especially skeletons.

Jack and the Beanstalk and the goose who laid the golden egg activity. We found this kit at Big Lots!

Magnetic eggs. I put the magnet balls inside the eggs and used the wands from our kit. You can twirl the wand above the eggs and they will spin around. We also took these in the bath for a floating experiment. When the magnets were in the eggs, they floated. They sunk by themselves. Bobo also discovered the wand stuck to the bath tub.

Matching sounds with kitchen items. First, Bobo identified the items in the egg container: rice, lentils, M&Ms, noodles, fruit snacks and coffee. Then, he shook the eggs to guess what is inside. Finally, he ate all the good things.

Shape identification. Daddy supervised this activity. Bobo needs to work on the names of shapes. When I came home from work, all the shapes were missing. Not sure what happened? Maybe we can identify them when we find them again.

Crayola Glowing activity. This tray was requested. We've used it several times before... There are a couple of different themes in the box.

Sharing with Montessori Monday.

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