Sunday, March 17, 2013

Letter F is for Flash

Letter F is also for Ferb! Our learning board got a lot of Phineas and Ferb love. (1+1+1=1)

Flash coloring... lots of coloring.

I love the dot sheets for learning the shapes of letters, but Bobo doesn't like to use the dot painters very much. He used yellow and red finger paints this week to make a Flash inspired letter set.

Markers are another favorite medium. Look at that crazy hair! The best part of homeschool is getting to wear costumes and NOT brushing your hair.

Epsom salt tray for letter practice. I put all the letter activities we do each week in a fire box. We are still loving the tag system for learning phonics.

Letter F review. We didn't watch any youtube videos this week, but did enjoy some Phineas and Ferb episodes on Netflix.

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  1. I loved the the work that was flashing by me as I read this post. I need to make JDaniel a salt tray.

    1. Definitely. It gets tedious practicing letter shapes, so the salt tray is something new. He also buried letter flashcards and "found" them. Lots of possibilities.

  2. I just love looking at all the progress you are making with Bobo!! tell him grandma said F is 4 FABULOUS!!!

  3. Visiting from Tuesday Tots. My Family-Focused Monday hop is live now and I would love to see one of your awesome posts linked up @

    Have a wonderful week.


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