Wednesday, June 13, 2012

365 Days Outdoors: The Bubble Truck

Last week we held our annual kick off party at my library. My favorite part was the Bubble Truck. The Bubble Man outfitted his Dodge Ram with all kinds of bubble making devices. The pictures do NOT do this event justice. I felt like I was in a fairy world surrounded by all those bubbles.

The Bubble Man provided about 30 buckets filled with bubble solution and bubble blowing accessories.

Definitely an attraction for all ages. I was serving nachos, so I didn't get to try this with Bobo.

We also had noodle races,

a star bean bag toss,

and a big hill to roll down.

I'm sharing at the Weekly Kids Co-Op.


  1. This looks like the BEST DAY EVER! I wish we had a bubble truck near us. Thanks for sharing all of the fun you had at the Weekly Kid's Co-op. Now, off to add "build bubble truck" to the hubby's "Honey Do" list. :)

    1. Thanks, we work hard on the Summer Reading Club all year long. It was a great day to be outside and playing with bubbles. If your hubby does build that truck, I want to see pics!


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