Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sensory Tub: Fizzy Bathtime

Still uploading pics from cell (fuzzy)
I mixed cornstarch, baking soda and water with food coloring to make bath paint. It was a little runny, so I'd use less water next time. Here is a recipe for outside painting. I stuck the boats and helicopters from our Transportation sensory tub to be painted with the addition of a cut-out of Buzz Lightyear.

When Bobo saw the invitation, he immediately asked for his Toy Story toys. Luckily, I had just organized his toys and could grab the box. Instead of painting the walls and cut-outs like I anticipated, he painted his toys. He pretended they were in disguise and had lots of adventures.

Bobo sprayed the toys with vinegar to get them clean. Since the paints had baking soda in them, they reacted with the vinegar by fizzing. He thought it was cool, but taking too long and asked for the bath to be filled, so he could get them really clean.

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