Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Window Painting

Very Lonely Firefly
Summer reading club has started at my library. Our theme is Dream Big READ! I got some tips while visiting another library about window painting and tried it. I made the firefly using a transparency projector to enlarge it, tracing onto some bulletin board paper. Then, I taped the paper to the outside of the window and painted it (like a coloring book).

Goodnight Moon bunny
S, age 13, painted this one for me. She drew it freehand, as the illustration is so small. 

The Pigeon
S painted the pigeon, too. "Yawn!"

I plan to do this activity with Bobo at home. To remove the paint, you can use soapy water, if it's on the outside. For the inside, we just scrape it off with a putty knife and sweep up the mess. Oh, I used tempera paints, so I know those come off easily. I may try watercolors at home.

You can use any book to make a window painting. I plan to use coloring books. We have several of the BIG coloring books from the grocery store. If you want to make an illustration into a painting, lay a piece of transparency paper over the book and trace the outline with a dry erase marker. If you are artistic at all, you can freehand a figure directly on the window using markers or paint.

Leave me a comment with your link if you've tried this before or try it after reading this. Thanks!

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  1. Your paintings look great! I bet the children when the children see them they love them too.

  2. Love this idea! We've done window painting in the past, but never thought to incorporate it with the books we were reading!

  3. How fun! Just wanted to invite you to stop by and link up your Children Book inspired post (New or Old) in our 6 Week Summer Reading Adventure
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks, M. I just visited your Tickle Monster post. Lots of great activities. I'll link up my fav.


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