Friday, June 15, 2012

Flannel Friday: Five Owls in a Tree

"Five Owls in a Tree" pattern and story are from Kidstuff Magazine Volume 5, Number 8. I've used this story for several years. I like to use it for tours, because the teachers can help hold the stick puppets. When one owl went missing, I decided to flannelize it.
The Original
"Five Owls in a Tree"
There were once five owls,
High in the trees.
Who were hooting to each other,
Just as loud as you please!

The big owls said, "Whooo." (group says who)
The next one did, too. (group says who)
The third one said, "Whooo." (group says who)
The fourth did, too. (group says who)
But the smallest said, "Tweeeet!"

The first four looked and shook their heads, "You should say what the rest of us said!"

But the smallest said, "Chirp!"

"You must try to learn to hoot the right way.
You'll just have to practice all night and all day!"

But the smallest said, "Chip!"

He did what they asked.
He knew that he should.
He practiced all night.
In the cold quiet woods.

But the smallest said, "Caw, caw!"

He tried his very best, even when it started to rain.
(use spray bottle to spritz children)
But on the next day, his nose started to drain!

"Sniff, sniff, sniff," said the smallest.

They shook their heads and their wings got rather floppy.
"If you would just come close that would make us very happy!"

Then the smallest said, "Ah-ah-achooooo!"

Read it Again! has the rest of the round-up.


  1. Such cute owls! And I love that you 'spritz' the kids with water. How fun!

    1. Thanks. In the winter, I rip up white paper and use the original words about snow, then throw it in the air. They go crazy for that, too.

  2. OMGosh! ADORABLE! The owls are so detailed and colorful. I love them!

    I have never seen this rhyme before. It sounds like a fun one to share ~ especially with your rain and snow ideas!

    Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a lovely weekend!
    ~ K ~

  3. Um YEAH - the spritzing would be AWESOME - and I have been thinking about a "sick and germs" themed story time for a while, so this flannel would be great for that one!

  4. Kidstuff Magazine Volume 5 Number 8. They are almost impossible to find though!

    1. Thank you, Jane. I'll try and add it to the original post.


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