Sunday, August 19, 2012

Book Activity: That's Not My Monster

One of the books we've had since Bobo was very little is That's Not My Monster by Fiona Watt. It has been a favorite from the very start. The book tells why each monster is not the right monster through descriptive sensory words.  "That's not my monster. Its horns are too rough."

I've been having a little trouble convincing Bobo that he can make a book. He says he doesn't know how. The bookmaking center is supposed to help with reading readiness, but I think it will have the added bonus of instilling self confidence. 

Since he was so reluctant to start a book. I suggested we use our favorite book for inspiration. First, we drew and decorated a monster on construction paper. Bobo made a sheriff monster and dubbed mine a spiky monster. We glued our pictures into the book once they dried and added our text. Voila, a book!

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  1. These are great books and I love that they are appropriate for little babies to new readers. What a great idea to make your own book!

  2. Thanks, Kim. We also love the series by Usborne. We have the monkey one, too! That's Not My Snowman is on my list to buy for the winter.


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