Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tot School: PRE school days are here again

We've got lots more "stations" this year, so our school has spread out over the entire house. Husband has not complained and we only have the one kid, so... The changing table has been used for toy storage in the living room for almost a year now. I decided to use it for educational games and activities.

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Barn (the animals are in a drawer)
Eric Carle Box-set
Nursery rhyme books
Push-pin numbers
Magnet Letters with monster letter flashcards on cookie sheet
Coloring books
Counting cubes with number puzzles
Dry-erase center with superhero practice writing shapes

Our library is in Bobo's room. I started sorting our books by topic, so I can rotate them and it won't be so overwhelming to choose one for reading time.

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Play books (books with fingerpuppets and regular puppets)
Tag books (these are loaded and ready to go)
Concept books
Just my size books (little books- size-wise)
Baby Bug magazines

Bobo's writing center has blank books to write in, a basket of favorite books, writing tools and some art supplies. It also doubles as his computer work station as he uses my laptop. You can see a little bit of his imaginative play area with the play stove in the background.

In the works:
Cleaning school room to make a circle time area and art area
Going through the boxes of school supplies in the basement
Making the back deck into an outdoor learning area

Now that's out there and I have to follow through! I'd love to see others play/school areas, so leave me a comment and I'll visit your blog.

I'm linking up with The Kid's Co-Op and Tot School.


  1. Great idea using the changing table for toy storage! Never thought of that

    1. Thanks, Sara. It actually works really well. I only wish the trays we use would fit on the shelves. They are a little too wide.


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