Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WMCIR: Where he mashes...

"Its called the MASH. The MONSTER MASH. Its a graveyard smash!"

Bobo is crazy for Monster Mash by David Catrow. He asks for it every night, "I need the book where he mashes." The book is an illustrated representation of the song by Bobby "Boris" Pickett. I am very fond of this song, so I sang it the first couple of times. We also listened to the original song on Youtube.

I quickly discovered, it wasn't my amazing vocal skill that sold this book. It's the illustrations! After the third or fourth time we read the book, Bobo started to ask questions (as he often does). "Why is the monster trying to kiss the cat? Where is Dracula's baby? Where's the crib keeper five?" Note: It took me awhile to figure out that last question.

The large, two-page illustrations are detailed and fun. They may be scary for sensitive readers, but my little guy loves them. The lyrics, of course, are a hit. Don't wait until Halloween to check this one out!

Our other must-read for this week is the Amazing Spider-Man Storybook Collection from Marvel. We've read several of these stories before, but there are some we've never seen. I like that they are all available in one place and I only need to check-out one book for a month's worth of reading. Bobo likes that it has Spider-Man, Venom and the Green Goblin. 

Bobo and I are always looking for new books. Leave a comment with some of your favorites. Happy reading!

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