Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tot School: Math and Imaginative Play

Computer station
We are slowly working our way back into scheduled learning. We are still spontaneous with our play and activities in many respects, but I want to be sure we are learning the skills Bobo will need to start school and be ready to read. His fourth birthday is coming up, after all!

Educational television program
When Bobo wakes up, he has independent choice time. So far, I've given him the option of computer time, television time or V-tech Smile play time as these are things he can do on his own. He played Elmo's A to Zoo Adventure, which we checked out from the library. Some of the letter games are too challenging, at this point. He did better with the shape and color games. Bobo is a huge fan of The Magic School Bus shows, so we check out several each week. I think he's over Sesame Street at this point.

After breakfast, we head outside usually in pajamas. We have lots of active toys that I think are better suited to outdoors play like bowling, wiffle ball, frisbee and basketball. Bobo thinks they work inside as well.

Then, we work together on Tot Trays. With our trays, I'm focusing on an area of study with each one. For instance, these counting cubes are paired with dice and number puzzles and fall under the Math category. This is the first time Bobo tried any patterning, which he did without any prompting. Then, he built a transformer, lol.

Look closely. It's a robot in disguise!
Last Bobo has choice time with an emphasis on literacy. He can choose library time, book making or a book activity.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears finger puppet set.
It's definitely a work in progress, but I know Bobo appreciates it. He told me yesterday, "Mama, doing projects is my job." Of course, later on he told me, "Mama, playing video games is my job." 

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