Monday, November 19, 2012

Flannel Friday: Lunch by Denise Fleming

I saw this flannel idea on Flannel Friday quite some time ago, so imagine my surprise when it showed up in the Food story box this month! I have no idea who created this beautiful flannel story, but would hazard a guess it was Miss Jo Kay. It's surprisingly sturdy. 

My favorite part of sharing a flannel story is the adaptability. You don't have to use exact words, or go in an exact order. For this story, I had a small group and a vocal 4-year-old (A), so I tailored it a little bit.

Adapted by Miss Courtney

Once upon a time there was a little mouse. One day, little mouse smelled something coming from the kitchen. He found something white...
A: I don't know what that is...
It is a turnip, do you like turnips?
A: Yes
Do you think the mouse would eat it?
A: Yes
Then, the mouse smelled something yellow that grows on a stalk.
Would the mouse eat that?
A: No.
Ok, let's leave the corn up on the board then.
Next mouse smelled something blue
A: BLUEBERRIES! Those are my favorite!
Would mouse eat a blueberry?
A: Yes.
Mouse also found some peas and grapes, an apple and a watermelon.
(A said he ate all those, too.)
Then, the mouse was very full and very tired, so he took a nap.
(I hide the mouse under the flannel board and scoot all of the food off him back into the box.)
When he woke up, he stretched and looked around and smelled something delicious...

The end.

Wouldn't this be a great story to adapt for food-related holidays? I think our mouse might find Santa's cookies pretty tasty!

Happy Thanksgiving, Slapsgiving or Planksgiving (depending on what shows you watch, get high fives for guessing in the comments!) I'm taking the week off. Flannel Friday will be hosted at Loons and Quines this week. Don't miss it.

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