Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pin and Win: Drip Paint Pumpkin

Bobo's drip painted pumpkin!
After observing a large orange pumpkin, we had fun squirting paint to drip down it creating a rainbow effect. 

The set-up was simple!

I tore up an old cereal box to lay on the floor. It did leak through the cardboard, so if you're worried about the floor (we are not) it may be less stress to paint outside. I put several colors of paint in an egg carton and two "squirters", one for each of us. It took two days to dry.

The Pin


  1. What a great use for an old box! The pumpkin looks great!

  2. Ooh that does look fun. Drip painting is such fun and lovely to see the unexpeceted results!

    Just to let you know - the idea of Kids Get Arty - is to take a famous artist (old or modern) review what the artist did, discuss with your child and then Get Arty in a fashion inspired by that artist! Rather than "just" creating artwork. I hope that is ok!

    Thank you,


    1. I'll leave this comment up for all my little "readers" to show that Miss Courtney can't follow directions, either. I linked this activity with Kids Get Arty (as described above). Thanks for being so nice, Maggy. I especially like how you started with a compliment, which is a fabulous re-directing tool I employ often at home and work!

  3. I love the way paint drip pumpkins look - and what a wonderful activity for Bobo!


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