Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Bobo, age 3, using his transparency coloring page

Lately, Bobo has been burning through coloring books. First, he'll color everything(read super hero) green. Then, once all the pages are filled, he'll go back and color everything black. I'm glad he's working on his writing skills, but I'm running out of pages for him to color. He won't color just anything.

I came across the idea to use transparent protective sheets and dry erase markers to create sheets that can be re-used. I have lots of binders and sheets left from my school days, so I used them for our letter activities this week. Bobo loves erasing just as much as coloring, so this has been an activity he can't wait to do everyday. We started with "B is for Barn." I thought he might like some variety after several hours with one sheet and added a "Black" cat picture.

I also read you can use crayons with the same effect, but I haven't tried that yet. He's really taken to markers, so we are going to stick with what works. We also colored on contact sheet covered images. Those did not erase as well.

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