Saturday, October 15, 2011

Field Trip: Karyn's Farm

Karyn lives on a beautiful farm with her husband and daughters. They raise prize-winning sheep, 2 miniature horses and several dogs and cats. Bobo and I have visited the farm several times in the summer, but this was the first time we have in the fall. Not only did we learn about the daily chores on the farm, we also learned about caring for pets. I'm allergic, so we only have an outside cat at home. Bobo had such warmth and love to share, though, that I'm going to have to come up with a plan for an inside pet. Any ideas?

The dogs licked and loved on Bobo as soon as we arrived. We watered the sheep, brushed the horses and explored all over the farm. My favorite part of the farm was feeling the sheep's coat. I had never touched a ewe (new vocabulary) before and was surprised at the thickness. I expected her to be so soft, silly I know, but she felt like warm wool.

After the hard work, we explored the back field. I discovered he can climb a fence. I already knew he could climb on rocks, couches and anything else with some height to it.

Bobo's favorite part of the farm was the swing. Karyn's husband found this cool tire swing made in the shape of a horse. I know they are locally made, but you may have some luck searching the net to find something similar.

It was actually pretty hot for October in Indiana. We went inside to cool down and watched some Scooby Doo. Bobo took special care with Karyn's newest family member. He covered her up with a blanket, so she wouldn't be cold.

As a special treat, I'd like to think for all our hard farm work, Karyn's hubby took us to dinner. THANK YOU! We had a wonderful time and would love to visit again! I mentioned in a previous post that we live in an agriculturally rich community. I chose to learn about the farm this month, because I knew there were lots of opportunities for hands-on learning. I encourage you to learn about your community's assets and specialties. Maybe one month, you can learn about the library. Librarians are a friendly bunch and would love to give your child a tour!

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