Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tot School

Month: October
Theme: Farm

Dates: October 2nd to October 8th
Day 1 or Setting Up

I started getting the Tot School trays together in the living room. Bobo was so curious to see what I was doing with his lessons. He couldn't wait for school and had to use two trays right away. Can you guess why?

Candy! I noticed several blogger mamas using counting bears. I thought my little man would rather count gummi bears. We worked on colors, and he chose to use red. The Letter of the Week was B, so he filled in the B with bears. You can't see in the picture, but Buzz was also in school next to Bobo. Then, Buzz decided to help fill in the letter B. Gummis were stored in his helmet.

Next, Bobo learned the Word of the Week "barn." He colored and erased the barn sheet for 20 minutes. His favorite colors to use, to date, are green and black. The Color of the Week was red, but I had other activities planned for red.

Our last activity of the day took place in Bobo's school room. I had my doubts about the Halloween Sensory Bin, until I saw it in action. I filled a tray with corn feed (from Rural King) and added ghost erasers, foam spiders (both Target $1 bins), skeletons (Dollar General), tongs, whisk (TJ Maxx) and assorted tools (local antique store).

I've never used a sensory bin, so I didn't understand all the hype. Bobo loved it. He used imaginative play with the skeletons and ghosts. He used the tools to fill the colander. He roped daddy into playing with him. He even put Iron Man down to play in the bin. That, right there, is a MIRACLE! All hail the conquering bin!

NOTE: All pictures were taken with my phone. I have since found my digital camera, so I should have more quality pictures after this week.

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