Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What a difference a week makes!

Thank goodness I can finally admit when I'm wrong. September seems like a bad dream now that we've gone the way of Tot School. We still add some wonderful preschool and religious aspects to our lessons, but we're having so much fun now that "curriculum" has been thrown out the window. I am so thankful I didn't spend any money on the "c," because it would have been that much harder to let it go.

Our new lessons take a little bit from fantastic blogs I've found while trying to find a way to teach my wonderfully active little boy. I made a list of what was important for him to learn: letters, numbers, colors, nursery rhymes, etc. I use what he likes to do, i.e. coloring, and make tot trays for him to use that focus on those skills. It is still a work in progress, which you will soon see.

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