Friday, May 4, 2012

365 Days: Picnic at the Park

I have gotten behind in the posts for our Challenge. I promise we are heading outside for at least 15 minutes every day. I'm only going to post if I get pictures, since Bobo is anti-pictures most days. Incidentally, the shots of the back of his head are a result of the "No, pictures, mama!" moments.

When we visit my library on Friday mornings to get movies for the week (I bring home new books each day, I can't help myself), we always get a hot dog from Cone Palace and head to the park. He chooses a different table each time.


  1. You have to tell Bobo that Grandma loves seeing his hair but she also wants to see his faces sometimes too, so he has to look at you for the pictures so I can see how handsome he is and what a big boy he is getting to be.

    1. Hi mama, we miss you. I told Bobo to look at me so I can send the pictures to you and it worked! I'm uploading them to Facebook for you to see.

  2. What a fun outing to look forward too each week!


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