Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tot School: Transportation 2

Thank goodness I had some coloring pages handy! Bobo has been on a coloring kick. He wants everything to look "just right." He asks for coloring books everyday. Today, he wanted to make bombs. I was trying to put together new activities, and that wasn't on the agenda. So, I asked him to play with the magnets on the board. That reminded him of his favorite magnet activity, the skeleton. Unfortunately, it was buried in the Halloween box and I couldn't get to it, either.

When he asked for another coloring page, I gave him this pattern page. He drew an astronaut inside and then was done with this activity.

Stacking "tires"

Tire matching

More stickers. These were fun, because he built a road with stickers, then placed the little car stickers and signs everywhere.

Crazy drum solo. It's blurred because he was drumming so fast!

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