Monday, May 7, 2012

Book Review: Oh No, GEORGE! by Chris Haughton

It's another Marvelous Monday book review where I tell you about a book I just received at the library. Oh No, GEORGE! by Chris Haughton is a story about a dog. Harry asks George to be good while he is out. George promises to be good. When faced with temptation though, George can't keep his promise.

The story has a nice rhythm that would work well with a large group. When faced with something George LOVES, we see the face on the cover and the text, "What will George, do?" The following page is a two-page spread of the mischief with "Oh no, George!" I can definitely hear little voices shouting the line along with me.

When Harry gets back, George is sad he's disappointed the little boy. What will George do? "I'm sorry," George says. Harry forgives him and they take a walk to the park. Uh-oh, there's more of George's favorite things. Do you think he has learned his lesson?

Chris Haughton is an Irish writer and illustrator who now lives in London. I love the European phrases in the story like "well done." This is the first book by Haughton we've purchased and I love the large, colorful illustrations. The characters have very expressive eyes! 


  1. This sounds like a sweet book to read to my 7 year old. We're also dog lovers so it would be a real treat. :) would love a visit when you can @ BTW I'm your new folower :)

    1. Lovely site, mama. I just took a quick peek, but will be back to look more. Thanks for following!


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