Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WMCIR: The Moon and Stars

Bobo's favorite Outer Space book so far is Eric Carle's Papa, please get the moon for me. He has always been fascinated with the moon and loves the idea of being able to take it home. I love the vibrant illustrations and the lengths Papa will go to for Monica. My favorite illustration is on the second page with little girl upon daddy's shoulders. Bobo's favorite page is the 2-page spread at the end of the book with the smiling moon.

The weaver is a little girl far above the world recording its loves and losses in a coat meant to keep everyone warm. I would love a second opinion on this book. Bobo and I liked finding the weaver's cat in each scene. I think the metaphor went over my head, though.

Frank Asch is a favorite of mine, so I was thrilled to find this book. The simple text and big, bright illustrations demand to be read to a group. The child in the story describes favorite aspects of the sun. I can't tell if the child is a boy or a girl and I love that! Outer space objects are wondrous for any child, girl or boy. You can play find the cat with this one, too.

Rosie is an inquisitive girl with lots of animal friends. Each has an opinion of what the moon might be made of: milk, egg, sugar, butter, flour. When they can't agree, Rosie asks her Gran. Instead of just telling her, Gran asks, "What have you learned?" Isn't that great? Then, she helps Rosie to make sugar cookie moons. I love when books suggest activities.

What is your child reading this week?

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