Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WMCIR: Aliens and Robots

We've been talking about aliens the past couple of weeks for our Outer Space theme. I knew this book would be perfect the moment I saw it. Bobo loves robots. This is a retelling of the Three Little Pigs. It includes some space vocabulary and vehicles. I had to sneak it into the pile of books to take back to the library.

This is a fun, rhyming, retelling of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. The aliens are very funny. It is great to share one on one, but would be difficult to read to a group. The illustrations are large and vibrant. I find reading graphic novels to be a challenge to read aloud, but this had just the right combination of dialogue and text.

Boy + Robot is my favorite of the week. The boy and robot meet and play, until the robot's power switch gets turned off. The boy thinks it's sick, so he tries to make it feel better. When the boy goes to sleep, the robot's turns back on. It thinks the boy is sick, and tries to make him feel better. While the boy tries applesauce and reading stories, the robot tries oil and reading instruction manuals. I love this book!


  1. These look great...Thanks for sharing, I am looking forward to finding these for my boys!

  2. My son would totally enjoy these books. He is all about Robots and Aliens. Thank you for sharing.

  3. My son will be all over these books, aliens and robots are a huge hit. Thanks for sharing.


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