Thursday, May 3, 2012

TFT: What can you do with Wiffle Balls?

This is the second Thanks for your Thoughts Thursday post. I've received several questions about how  we used wiffle balls on our Tot Trays. If you've seen some of our photos from the 365 Days Outdoors Challenge, you may have noticed we have almost NO grassy area in our yard. Bobo received a great bat and wiffle ball set from Paps for Easter and we haven't been able to use it, yet. Then, I realized they weren't just balls, they were actually meteors!

The great thing about wiffle balls are all the small holes all over. They are perfect for pushing craft and chenille sticks through to make a spiky meteor.

Glowing water beads barely fit. They feel funny when you shake the wiffle ball with the glowing center.

They are fun to roll to each other in the dark.

When the lights are on, you can have a traditional game of basket toss.

Oops! That wasn't a basket? Oh, it's a space helmet. You want me to throw the meteors at you? "It won't hurt mama. I've got on my helmet." Well, if you insist...

I think wiffle balls fall into the category of toys that use 90% imagination! Would we have discovered this if I had taken them to the garage to await an outing where grass is abundant? I'm not sure. Is this what Paps had in mind when giving this gift? Probably not, but I can't wait to tell him. I sense a game of meteor baseball coming on!

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