Friday, October 12, 2012

Flannel Friday: Community Helpers

Does everyone have the community helpers flannel puppets? 

They stick to the board, too! Our community helpers storytime was very interactive with guessing games and books, the firefighter pokey and tool matching. This is one of my favorite themes. For these flannel pieces, I put up the instrument or object for each puppet one at a time and asked who would use it. For the younger children, I just put both pieces on the board and we sing a verse from this song.

"Community Helpers in Our Town"
Sung to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell"
The chef makes our food,
The chef makes our food,
Hei-ho, what do you know?
The chef makes our food.
Additional verses: doctor makes us well, dentist cleans our teeth, fireman fights fires, mailman carries mail, teacher says ABCs, worker builds a house

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  1. I love the community helper puppets! So handy for a theme that we revisit each year.

  2. I love how you expanded on what you already have. So cute and visually descriptive!

  3. Where did you get those puppets? They are great!

    1. They came with the job, and I can't find them anywhere online. I also have a farm animal set. They may be 20 years old, but they've held up great!


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