Monday, October 22, 2012

Monster Door

The Pin
I saw this pin on Play Dr Mom's pinterest board a few weeks ago. It's so cute and simple, so we did it!

Our version of the monster door
What they used(I think):
Streamers (green)
Masking tape (thick)
Paper plates (white)
Construction paper (black)

I say "I think" because the pin doesn't link back directly to the post about the door. Bobo wasn't willing to wait for me to scroll through all the posts until I found it, so we improvised.

Help, the monster is eating my brains!
What we used:
Streamers (red and yellow)
Paper plates (black- iris and eyebrow)
Styrofoam plates (white)
Wall tape (I think you use it for the corners of walls)
Band-aids (neon green, orange and purple)

Bobo loves the monster door. It reminds him of one of his favorite spooky movies, Monster House, which is on our Not-so-Scary movie marathon list. Check!


  1. That turned out really cute! May have to also try it~ doesn't look super involved.

    1. It was very easy, probably even more so if you have masking tape.

  2. I want to do this too. It's so cute. Thanks for sharing and posting great photos.

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