Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tot School (Age Four)

Beginning sounds alphabet puzzle. We worked on it together practicing the sounds.

Memory match game. The illustrations in this game remind me of Sandra Boynton books.

Rhythm instruments. Bobo's been showing interest in Daddy's band practice, so this tray was a favorite.

Power Ranger Trouble. Great activity for counting and fine motor skills.

Create a snowman sticker set. The sheets came with several options and said re-usable, but I'm not sure they will come off easily. 

Letter Fish lacing. This tray was used least. Bobo used the rope for imaginative play with his figures more than anything.

Storytime has been on break for a month, so we brought home a kit for Jungle Animals from the library. The directions say to read the books, listen to the music and make a paper-chain snake.

I share with Tot School and Tuesday Tots.


  1. Hi, Courtney, I thought you might like this cute snowman idea --if you are near snow!

    1. Thanks for the idea. The snow has all melted at the moment, but I'm hoping for more. Bobo really wants to sled!


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