Sunday, April 8, 2012

365 Days Challenge: Easter Egg Hunt

This is my first post for our 365 Days Outdoors Challenge posed by Gina from Familigia and Seoul. I think you can join anytime, just start your 365 days with the first day of your acceptance. Today, we had an Easter egg hunt outdoors to find the Easter basket.

I didn't say anything about the Easter bunny. I just told Bobo I saw some Easter eggs outside. He got his monkey Easter basket and started hunting.

He missed quite a few eggs, but luckily found the path I had devised to lead to the Easter basket.

"Woah, Ben 10 basket?!!"

After he opened the Ben 10 costume, we had to move indoors because he was going to strip in front of the house to get it on.

He hasn't taken it off yet...

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