Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lego Library Land

Lego Library Land is a monthly club I hold for all ages.

Each month, I set it up a little differently. This month, I put a Lego learning table in the front. 

The toddler area to the right. They love playing construction site with the little trucks.

We have four blue tubs. Each table has one with four chairs. Usually, we have 2-3 children per table plus one parent. These blue tubs are all mixed together along with some extra blocks purchased from Discount School Supply.

The rest of the sets are kept separate. The pink set is the most popular one for the girls.

The Brickmaster sets are coveted by the boys. I've put out the Star Wars set out each time since we received it and it is still very popular with the older boys.

Ninjago is popular with the younger boys.

We've been trying to find some more sets for the girls. When I open the door, they all run to find the pink set. I only have one of those, so we are going to try this Castle set.

I have a rather large room to work with, which is great for the most popular program we have at the library. It is easy to set up. I just have to break down all the Lego creations from the previous month and put them back in the boxes. 

We have free building for an hour. Children can move from table to table, but most work on one project the entire time. They can work in groups or by themselves, using library Legos or their own.

Lego club is great for families. It is also a fun activity to do with dad and grandpa. The children come up with some amazing and creative projects. They feel such pride when they see their designs displayed at the library for the rest of the month.

Bobo is a regular club member. His favorite part is playing with all the mini figures. This time, he built Harry Potter's tower.

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  1. What a fun club! Love the way you have it set up, too!

    1. It must be fun b/c it's our most popular after-school activity of all time. I like that any age can come and find something to do and grow their brain at the same time.

  2. Forgot to say, thanks for linking up to Learning Laboratory!

  3. This is great! Our homeschool group has a new drop in center and this is going to be a great activity to do there. Thanks for posting!

    1. Oh, fabulous! We have a couple of homeschool families who attend our monthly club.


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