Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tot School: More April Trays

Do-a-dot Easter eggs.

Play dough bunnies and snakes (imaginative play).

Jewels and tweezers.

Streamer, glue, paper and scissors. Bobo set up this tray similar to the tape Easter egg watercolor tray.

Easter egg skewers with styrofoam cubes.

Music drawer. This is something I always have available, along with two play dough drawers. Bobo gets instruments out for everyone and we sing or play music while dancing with our percussion instruments. We also have a piano in our school room.

Bobo found this bubble pipe in our closet o' fun. He has trouble with the traditional wands, so this is a great alternative. I'm pretty sure it came in a variety pack I bought for his birthday party.

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  1. Fun trays. My daughter used to love to stick those eggs in the styrofoam. Sadly she destroyed all of the picks so she couldn't do it this year. lol

    Popping in from Tot School


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