Monday, April 23, 2012

Book Review: Dinosaur VS. The Potty by Bob Shea

I don't necessarily review new books coming out, but I had to review a Dinosaur VS. book since The Potty just came out as a board book. Yay for durability! Yay for books that can go in the bathroom without fear of retribution from the librarian! Yay for Dinosaur!

"Dinosaur is a little red dinosaur who might remind you of a toddler you know," said Bob Shea, author of the Dinosaur books. In Dinosaur VS. The Potty, Dinosaur drinks lots of lemonade without using the potty. Dinosaur wins! Then, Dinosaur plays in the sprinklers without using the potty. Dinosaur wins! As we all know, Dinosaur can't defeat the potty forever. Read the book to find out what finally gets Dinosaur into the bathroom.

Shea's picture books have large illustrations with sparse, hilarious text. They are perfect to read with a large group of toddlers, after encouraging them to roar like a dinosaur of course. The board book version is wonderful for little hands to view "by myself." Best of all, Dinosaur faces some of the same situations as toddlers such as bedtime and the library.

As a delightful surprise while researching Bob Shea for this review, I discovered his fabulous sense of humor.

Here's a photo of a bear I fought this one time. I totally won. Yeah, I know, I'm pretty brave. --Bob Shea

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