Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tot Trays: Child-Led Trays

I found lots of great Crayola products in the clearance bins at Meijer, like this dry-erase center. It came with several sheets and clings. The sheets are o.k. Bobo really likes the make-your-own superhero sheet (no surprise there). The clings do not work, though. We always love using 2 Teaching Mommies printables.

Our tot trays this week were child-led, so there is no rhyme or reason, at least to me. Mixing colors is an activity we do at least a couple of times a week.

I coaxed him into making a rain cloud.

"Can I cut this?" I'll be honest, this one made me nervous. I kept reminding him to hold his scissors correctly. I figured if he held the scissors right, there would be less chance of injury. He can tell when he's making me nervous now, so after he was done he held up his hands and said, "See, still have fingers." Too funny!

Magnet people. I'm looking for more ways to incorporate the magnet/dry erase board. Any ideas? I'd love to make magnets out of things I have around the house.

We also made some buggy crafts, which I'll post about later. We're linking up with Tot School.

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