Monday, April 2, 2012

Tot School: Easter Trays

Month: April
Theme: Easter
Age: 3

I use a similar fingerplay in my Mother Goose on the Loose program. I change the words and "opposites" to suit my theme. Bobo received these bunnies in his Easter basket last year (thanks Great Grandma).

"Two Little Bunnies"
Adapted by Miss Courtney
2 little bunnies
(hold up bunnies)
Hopping in a row
(bounce bunnies)
One named Fast
(bring one bunny forward quickly)
One named Slow
(bring other bunny forward slowly)
Hop away Fast
(hide bunny behind back quickly)
Hop away Slow
(hide other bunny behind back slowly)
Come back Fast
(bring one bunny forward quickly)
Come back Slow
(bring other bunny forward slowly)

Alphabet blocks with shape cut-outs (hand me-down from Aunt Carol).

Foam bead lacing with spring colors. I have lots of cute shoe laces on hand.

Alphabet puzzle from Wal-mart.

Play dough Easter shapes.

Tape relief Easter egg.

We love Tot School. Check out the original if you are interested in fun play activities with your tot. This site is what inspired me to use play as the main component for learning.

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